"If David Bowie and The 1975 had a baby, Supergold would be it."

-Wolfe Guitars


Supergold started playing shows in February 2018. They've opened for recognized acts such as HUNNY, Drake Bell (Nickelodeon), Hot Flash Heat Wave, and Made Violent during their Florida tour dates. In late September 2018, Supergold released their first single ‘Moneylover’ and has been streamed over 377,000 times. Supergold has garnered a following in across the U.S. with 3,300+ followers on Instagram & over 377,000+ streams on their first single alone and in 2019, Supergold had toured the Southeast United States on a fully self-run, independently booked tour across 5 states and 14 cities (Detailed Draw). In January of 2021 released their first Album Nowhere, USA which has been streamed over 180,000+ times and in June of 2021 Released a virtual concert Live From Nowhere, USA. Supergold is Alex Alston, Shawn Braz, Max Landis & Bruno Camaroti.
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-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba

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Supergold - Blade Runner - Live Session

Supergold's Alex Alston spoke with Erin Lee from South Florida's 104.3 The Shark about their debut 'Moneylover', influences that inspired them & plans for the future.

-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba


-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba

Supergold's Alex Alston & 'Rolling Bliss' threw their own Music Festival,  on February 20th at 1306 in Miami. "It's a good energy to bring to the locals," says Kenny  Magundaya, "this is the only way to build community," he says.
 "I’m reminded of Wolf Parade’s shimmering, hook-filled energy, with the vocals also touting Spencer Krug-like theatrics " - Mike Mineo

Supergold - Live From Nowhere, USA

"Supergold has their shit together"
-Shows I Go To

 "“Moneylover” unravels with sincerity. The song reveals itself reminiscent of an early darker Hippo Campus, while Alston channels Alex Turner-esque effervescence along the way." - Sarah Schu.
 " ...highlighted by the vigorous and spirited stage presence of vocalist Alex Alston. Considering the rather small performance area the band had to work with, Alston got every last inch available for stage dancing and head flinging." - Howard Scott

-Stephanie Estrada/ @Stephhestrada


-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba

Supergold - Halloween Forever - Live Session


-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba

"Their style was very modern and odd, but somehow still portrayed the classic indie sound everyone loves. If David Bowie and The 1975 had a baby, Supergold would be it." - Wolfe Guitars
Around 34:30 Tess of Auditory Buffet. Spins 'Moneylover for the first time on the air.

Supergold - Alligator (Year in Review)


-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba


'Alligator' is

an 8/10

 "It 's obvious right off the bat that “Alligator” will be as rough as the skin of the toothy reptile"
- Howard Scott, Soundblab


Interview with Supergold


Interview with Supergold

"A Bold Enterance From Supergold" - Priya, YouShouldHear
The new single has this energy to it that almost reminds me of everything that’s good about watching a thriller.
- Madison Florence, Gainesville Scene

-Katherine De Barros/ @Kat.Deba

Supergold Live in Miami

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