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Behind The Lyrics

The lyrics to Halloween Forever are some of my favorite lyrics that I've written. I remember writing the first verse and it came really easily, I was really proud of them and it thought "wow this shouldn't have been this easy." Well I had spoke too soon because writing verse two and the bridge was actually really difficult. I thought that the lyrics to the second verse had to live up to the pedestal I had put the first verse on. It took me a few days to sit down to write the second verse, because I felt a bit intimidated, but when I sat down to do it, I remember saying to myself that I wasn't going to leave this room until the lyrics were finished. In the band's rehearsal space we had this big couch that was very comfortable and reclined into almost a full bed. I stayed in that room until 3 a.m. that day finishing the lyrics. I probably would have finished much sooner if I wasn't battling sleep in such a comfortable couch. There's actually a line in the song "in a bed made of roses" it wasn't inspired by my lack of sleep or my need for it in the moment but, was probably slipped in by my subconscious. - Alex

p.s. we got rid of that couch and opted for a less comfortable one. can't be sleeping on the job.

The Handwritten Lyrics

Here are the original lyrics, I wrote for Halloween Forever (please excuse my poor excuse for handwriting). A lot of these lyrics were cut during the final recording but you can hear all the lyrics I had written in the demo below. Usually when I write lyrics I don't spell check myself, or do any sort of grammatical correcting until I'm actually singing them. Mostly I'm just trying to get the ideas down as quickly as I can, which is probably my writing is chicken scratch.






Phone Wallpapers


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) When in link just open the wallpaper you would like.

3) press and hold on the open image to save 

ON Desktop

1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) Right click on any photo

3) Select Download

Halloween Iphone BG A Serious Clown
Halloween Iphone BG A Serious Clown
Halloween Iphone BG A Serious Clown.png
Halloween Iphone BG 3.png
Halloween Iphone BG 2.png
Halloween Iphone BG 1.png
Halloween IPhone BG Scary.png
Halloween IPhone BG Scary 2.png
Halloween IPhone BG Scary 3.png

Halloween Forever 

The Official Live Session

We recorded this Live Session at a friends studio in Miami and it was a blast. We haven't performed together in so long and even though we didn't play for a crowd (obviously) there was a ton of pent up energy we had from not playing music together that it didn't matter that there was no crowd, we let it all out. 




(read description)

I'm not going to lie to you. This demo sounds pretty abysmal. BUT, I thought it would be cool to show you the growth that the band has gone through from day 1 all the way up until this point. Personally I knew jack crap about recording at the time (still don't know much), it was purely to get all of the ideas down, and that's all this demo is. My goal with posting this awful (i mean AWFUL) demo, is to show our growth and hopefully inspire others to grow as well. Because, even though this sounds terrible maybe now we sound less terrible ;).


One of the main goals of creating SUPERCLUB is to create a community, and we set up this discord chat so that all Superclub members can talk to each other and we can all get to know each other better! We regularly update our Discord Channels and are often in each channel. This link is to the #halloween-forever channel but feel free to jump into any channel and join the conversation.



Supergold has no managers, labels or business people involved in our band, so when you buy merch your buying it straight from us. This means not only can we charge less than the big band buckaroos but you're directly supporting us and that means we can bring you more of what you love. (also I'll send you free stickers and pins)

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