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Stream our new album

Nowhere, USA before it's worldwide release.

We are so happy to bring you our new album

through Superclub before it goes out to all

major streaming platforms. Lots of love went 

into the making of this album and it feels really

special to finally be able to share it with you.


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The time is finally here, we are so glad to finally share this new record with you all, these are the songs we've been playing all over the country for the last 2 years and we can finally say that they are out in the world. These songs have been written over the last two years and recording them was like finally having a weight lifted, the irony of playing them live for so long without recordings and now we can't gig but now have the record out is something you just have to laugh at because it's so wildly out of our control. Recording the album was so different from how we recorded the Paris, Texas EP. Paris, Texas was done in a studio and while that was a great experience, the album was recorded in a bedroom and it was a lot less daunting. The first song on the album was the reworking of Moneylover. Seb and I started working on it thinking it would just be an acoustic recording and then he added a drum beat to it and we looked at each other and we said "well it's not an acoustic track anymore" we knew it was not an acoustic rendition but now it was a full on song. After we finished that I thought we worked so well together that I asked him if he wanted to do our album and that was it. We set a date and we started planning. Originally we planned on 14 days of recording thinking we'd use about half of that to record... it took about a full 18 days to finish tracking the record (had to change my flight and all just to finish the tracking). Wild ride, so grateful for the experience.

The Making of Nowhere, USA - Documentary

No live session this time, here we're taking a deep dive into the making of the album. Back in 2019 we flew up to Nashville to record the album, I took along a VHS camera and some film and documented the making of the album and all the places we went to. Hopefully we get to show you a little bit of what this journey was like and how much we enjoyed making this album. 

IPhone Wallpapers

This design for the wallpapers was based off of some old horror movie posters I had found. The horror movie idea was the original concept for marketing the album but we later scrapped it but we were left with these sweet iPhone wallpapers. Enjoy !


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) When in link just open the wallpaper you would like.

3) press and hold on the open image to save 


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) Right click on any photo

3) Select Download

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Supergold has no managers, labels or business people involved in our band, so when you buy merch your buying it straight from us. This means not only can we charge less than the big band buckaroos but you're directly supporting us and that means we can bring you more of what you love. (also I'll send you free stickers and pins)

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