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What is E.L.B.I.T.D

I remember when I wrote the lyrics to the chorus for Everything Looks Better In The Daylight, I was in Denmark at the time with my mother and sister and everyday we had this long walk from the little apartment we were staying in into town. During this 45 min walk into this little fishing town in Denmark, I would put in my headphones and listen to the track, yet to have lyrics and try and come up with something. I think it took me 3-4 trips into town before I had the chorus done and I remember being really excited to get home to record it. The idea of the song comes from this idea of ourselves being analog and navigating this digital world. The line "he looks pretty great from a distance but he seems self centered in my analog vision" was a line that was like a north star for the song. The lyrics to the chorus are some that I'm really proud of it came from my mother who I remember telling me whenever I had a rough day that everything may seem terrible now but will get better with time. 

IPhone Wallpapers

Just a few E.L.B.I.T.D Wallpapers, usually takes me a few tries to come up witha wallpaper that I like, but these were the first design, sometimes you're just that damn talented...


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) When in link just open the wallpaper you would like.

3) press and hold on the open image to save 


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) Right click on any photo

3) Select Download

daylight Iphone BG 1.png
daylight Iphone BG 2.png
daylight Iphone BG 4.png
daylight Iphone BG 3.png


I'm pretty sure that on the day we went to film the live sessions for each single, this was the first one that we did. Because of the 80's vibe that this song kinda has I thought it would be fun to put these retro work out videos behind us. Maybe we gotta make an actual workout routine for the song... tik tok would love it...



Here is the original E.L.B.I.T.D. Demo, sort of. I couldn't actually find the original original demo maybe one day it'll appear but this is the demo that was used to record the Dayolight that is on the Album. This was recorded at a rehearsal that we did a few days before we went off to Nashville, the idea was that I wanted to make sure the Album captured a lot of what we did live and so we used these recordings as a road map. 



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Supergold has no managers, labels or business people involved in our band, so when you buy merch your buying it straight from us. This means not only can we charge less than the big band buckaroos but you're directly supporting us and that means we can bring you more of what you love. (also I'll send you free stickers and pins)

White Shirt PSD.png
Red Shirt PSD.png
Black Shirt .png
Deluxe Merch Post (better).png
All Merch Post.png
Long sleeve PSD.png
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