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Blade Runner was recorded in Nashville Tennessee in a bedroom. I wish I could remember the order in which we recorded everything but I know this was somewhere in the middle. Whenever I think of the album as a whole this song is definitely a stand out track musically because before we had recorded it the song largely revolved around the bassline. In my opinion the bassline of this track was probably the best part about it, and often we were complimented on this particular part of the song, but for whatever reason as we were recording Blade Runner, we took it out. I remember we were adding synths to the track and had just finished guitars and we were doing the bass track and no matter what we did it just didn't fit in. We were playing with the idea of using a synth bass in the song and it sounded so great but, it left no room for the original bassline. I remember going back and forth on whether or not it should be added into the song (I still wonder if we made the right decision...). The one thing I will say about moving the bass of this song to synth bass is that when we perform live it adds some variety to the set. Pablo switches to acoustic guitar and the synth bass that plays in our track, shakes the floor and you feel it in your chest. It's funny how when making art the part that you revolved everything around can get cut, and sometimes it's for the better.


Blade Runner


wow, here we are again, reading Alex's chicken scratch handwriting. one time in elementary school my teacher called me out because my handwriting as so awful, i believe with this set of lyrics, i've made her proud. 


IPhone Wallpapers

Just a few Blade Runner Wallpapers, personally the blue one is my favorite and is my background...


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) When in link just open the wallpaper you would like.

3) press and hold on the open image to save 


1) Click on any wallpaper to go to download link.

2) Right click on any photo

3) Select Download

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This live session was really fun to make, for the projector we used movie theater advertisements from the 50's. Many of the videos for the projector were advertisements for snack bars and one of them warned against PDA in the theater, I thought that was pretty funny. We thought that using these retro movie advertisements would be really cool considering that the song is named after a movie. 



Here is the original Blade Runner Demo, sort of. I couldn't actually find the original original demo maybe one day it'll appear but this is the demo that was used to record the Blade Runner that is on the Album. This was recorded at a rehearsal that we did a few days before we went off to Nashville, the idea was that I wanted to make sure the Album captured a lot of what we did live and so we used these recordings as a road map. 



Supergold has no managers, labels or business people involved in our band, so when you buy merch your buying it straight from us. This means not only can we charge less than the big band buckaroos but you're directly supporting us and that means we can bring you more of what you love. (also I'll send you free stickers and pins)

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